Integrations with Reporting Tools

You have metrics... but are they understood?

Integrating your reporting and analytics tools with the Data Cookbook can make it easy for your data consumers to read, understand and comment on the definitions and purpose of the reports they are viewing. In addition to linking directly to the Data Cookbook, you may be able to use web services to call an outbound API, or to connect to the Data Cookbook as a secondary data source.

Contact us if you have questions about a particular reporting tool, especially one that is not listed!





Also integrates easily with...

The following tools use similar methods:

  • Entrinsik Informer (direct links, popup viewer)
  • SAP Business Objects (direct links)
  • Word/Excel (direct links)
  • Ethority (direct links)
  • SSRS (direct links, popup viewer)
  • Qlikview (direct links, popup viewer, embedded in dashboard)