New Public Communities: VFA and the Data Cookbook

In their reporting duties, schools often have organizations to whom they submit regular data, updates, and information. In order to make it easier to submit data to them, we recently added several major organizations’ definitions and specifications, including the Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) who works with community colleges.

The VFA data includes 38 definitions pertaining to community college cohorts, education, and curricula and 28 specifications. The specifications align with three main functional areas: demographic, financial aid, and enrollment data.

We think the VFA definitions and specifications help our Data Cookbook schools with their reporting needs. The definitions increase the pool of definitions in the Public Community and can be used by anyone needing similar terms defined.  The specifications can help clients who submit data to VFA.

Have you had a chance to look at the VFA definitions and specifications?  We would appreciate feedback about the layout, formatting, and helpfulness for your reporting needs.  Here is a link to the VFA Survey. Thank you for your feedback!


James E. Willis, III

IData Content Curator

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