Release of Enterprise Edition of Data Cookbook Improves Data Governance at Higher Education Institutions

IData Inc. announces the release of the Enterprise and the Enterprise+ editions of the Data Cookbook. With these editions, the Data Cookbook now enables the tracking and governing of the lineage and quality of data throughout a higher education institution. Integration with data systems is now possible to automatically monitor for quality issues and unplanned changes in data structures and codes.

Features included in the editions:

  • Data Quality Rules
  • Data Quality Resolution Workflow
  • Valid Values Reference and Mappings
  • Data System Inventory
  • Data System Technical Metadata
  • Data System Lineage
  • Advanced Specification Templates
  • Reporting Calendars, Milestones and Events
  • Data Quality Monitoring Integration
  • Data System Technical Metadata Integration
  • Valid Value Reference Data Synchronization

The Enterprise+ Edition takes advantage of IData's integration expertise and the IDataHub solution. The Data Cookbook, the leading data governance solution for higher education, assists schools in achieving reporting efficiency and trust in their data. More Information

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