Take Small Steps but Think Big

Over at our sister site we posted some thoughts about data governance and organizational data strategy. Their theme was along the lines of, "We know you can't do everything. But you've got to do something!"

You've got to take steps to get data out of its siloes, to use it - however imperfectly - in the service of better decision making, to begin to recognize it as a crucial institutional asset. But many organizations are not ready for a formal data governance initiative. So how to proceed?

When we work with new clients who purchase the Data Cookbook, our approach is to identify a critical area of need and put the Cookbook to use in that area. You can't do everything, and even if you could, you can't do it all at once.

But that's only one way to get the proverbial ball rolling. There are surely others. The keys to movement involve recognizing the need, articulating it, and starting to push wherever you can.

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