What is the Data Cookbook?

Your systems contain an abundance of valuable data.  Unfortunately, it is not always easy to access or understand the data.  As a result, staff can too often spend an enormous amount of time defining what data means, figuring out how to access it, and then repeating the process, because there is no easy way to record or share what they’ve already decided or learned. The Data Cookbook helps you solve these problems. Features include:

  • Business Glossary and Data Dictionary
  • Report and Data System Extract Specifications
  • Report Request/Change Workflow
  • Data Governance Workflow
  • Information Request Workflow
  • Data Quality Rules / Issue Resolution Workflow
  • Data System Inventory / Technical Metadata / Lineage
  • Advanced Specification Templates
  • Collaboration with other Institutions, Vendors, and Agencies
  • Reporting Calendars, Milestones and Events