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At-Risk Students and the Data Cookbook: Harnessing the Power of Prediction

A recent New York Times article explores the burgeoning world of student data in an attempt to explain why it holds such ...

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Belated Welcome to 2017 and New Clients!

We want to wish all of our clients a happy and productive 2017, and to extend a special welcome to new clients. Here's a ...

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Cookbook Specifications Help Solve Key Data Governance Issues

Even as the amount of student data continues to grow, and the amount of reporting also continues to grow, data governanc ...

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Highlighting a Cookbook Feature: Additional Attributes

We are pleased to highlight a feature in the Cookbook: Additional Attributes. This is found under the Organization tab, ...

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From our clients:

  • "The process of populating Data Cookbook with agreed-upon definitions has created visibility into the value and on-going need for a strong Data Governance of campus."

    J. Brice Bible, CIO at SUNY Buffalo
  • The Data Cookbook continues to facilitate communication between core groups across campus and boosts the quality of our reports. The support team is friendly and understands higher education.

    Christina White, Portland State University
  • "The Data Cookbook will decrease the amount of time to create a report and will streamline the reporting process."

    Dr. Edward Hale, Georgia College & State University
  • "Once you have the data definitions defined, it’s much easier to wrap your head around everything."

    Tony Herrera, Rock Valley College
  • "We now have a higher level of clarity for making decisions for Davenport, and we can feel comfortable in those decisions."

    Brian Miller, CIO, Davenport University
  • "It would help everyone get on the same page."

    Baron Wolf, Kentucky College & Technical System, quoted in Dean & Provost Magazine
  • "The Data Cookbook made a very large and potentially insurmountable task much easier. I don’t think we would have been able to meet the objective of this project if we didn’t have this tool."

    Kerri Chapman, University of Richmond
  • "The Data Cookbook was one of those things you could just jump into right away."

    Eric Weigel, Bellevue University