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Our previous data governance and data intelligence best practices webinar series was a tremendous success.  We received a great deal of positive feedback on these webinars so we thought we would redo the series with new and updated content along with a few new topics as well.  There are 20 webinars in the series.

All these best practices webinars are at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific. 

These are no cost sessions so feel free to register for any that will be beneficial to you and your organization. 

If you can not attend the date and time of the webinar, feel free to register and you will be sent the link to the webinar recording.  After the educational portion of each webinar, we will do a quick demo of the Data Cookbook solution features that relate to that specific webinar's topic.  Hope you can join us.

Register at:

To register for multiple webinars click here

Data Governance Best Practice Webinar Series

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