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Data Cookbook for Corporations

Trusted data needed for better data-driven decision making

Data is a critical resource for a corporation, no matter the size or industry, and the amount of data is increasing rapidly. 


Improved data-driven decision making with data governance would lead to such benefits as less downtime, improved product quality, faster services response, shorter delivery times, and optimized resources management.  Data governance provides enhanced data quality, eliminates data silos, and provides more understandable analytics.


Why Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook provides corporations a framework for data governance that allows for enhanced quality of data, better trust in data and improved use of data thus providing better decision making. 


This framework provides tools for the data stewards, establishes a data governance knowledge base that is open to all consumers and creators, and provides just-in-time communication processes to support data steward guidance and the data request process.  The Data Cookbook is customizable to fit your corporation and integrates with most ERP systems and reporting solutions.


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