All the tools you need for a complete online
data intelligence solution.

The Data Cookbook combines a powerful framework for data governance with a robust data catalog

The cloud-based Data Cookbook will rapidly become your complete tool for supporting the best practices of data intelligence.

Data Cookbook Features Include:

Business Glossary.png

Functional and technical definitions 

Data Catalog & Data System Inventory 

Data System details, technical data models, tagging and supplemental attributes

Data Processing Catalog
(Reports & ETLs)

Documenting reports, ETLs, surveys, APIs, etc.

Data Lineage

Importing and documenting data lineage

Data Requests

Requirements and specifications, workflows, approvals, and oversight 


Managing classifications of functional areas, domains, and stewardship

Data Quality

Issue reporting, quality rules, assessments, automated monitoring, issue resolution workflows

Reference Data Management

Reference Data Management, mapping, and monitoring

Data Policies and Attributes

Tracking your data policy attributes on content: data access, security, sharing, privacy, and retention

Content Change Management

Versioning, status, item dependency, and change impact


Tracking and managing external standards and report submissions

Integration with Data Systems

Automated integration for data model/catalog synchronization, reference data synchronization, and data quality monitoring

Tools Integration 

Integrating tools with the Data Cookbook content using Data Cookbook APIs: reporting tools, ETL/ESB, ticketing systems, and websites

Branding and Customization

Simply add custom branding, attributes, and workflows

Secure SaaS

Answering common questions about the application security and data protection