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Data Cookbook for Government and Public Sector Organizations

​With an increase in the amount of data and the need for transparency by stakeholders, a government or public sector organization (including federal, state/province, county, local, transportation authorities, port authorities, etc.) has a greater need for data governance. 


Their taxpayers are demanding more value and to do more with the same amount or less money.  And the organizations themselves want better decision making that comes from improved data quality and trust in their data.  Strong data governance with the Data Cookbook solution, provides a single, trusted source for data across the organization as well as a single place for data governance related content such as business glossary, technical definitions, report specifications, quality rules, policies, etc.   And the Data Cookbook keeps track of how data is created and used including data lineage as well as keeping track of relationships with third parties.


Why Data Cookbook


The Data Cookbook provides government and public sector organizations a framework for data governance that allows for enhanced quality of data, better trust in data and improved use of data thus providing better decision making. 


This framework provides tools for the data stewards, establishes a data governance knowledge base that is open to all consumers and creators, and provides just-in-time communication processes to support data steward guidance and the data request process.  The Data Cookbook is customizable to fit your organization and integrates with most ERP systems and reporting solutions.


Related Features

Business Glossary
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