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Data Cookbook for Higher Education Institutions

Leading data governance solution for higher education institutions

The number of data systems is growing at higher education institutions along with the amount of data in them. 


Keeping track of this data and using it effectively is difficult and thus the need for data governance.  Student success is aided by data governance.  Better decision making including those in resource utilization, recruitment, and retention can be done with data governance if implemented correctly.  Data used by higher education institutions is accessed by educators, students, staff, government agencies and the public.  This data must be of high quality and trusted so that critical decisions can be made.  With data governance in place there can be a clear understanding of data definitions, reports, data stewardship, data access, security requirements, privacy as well as the processes around each.  The higher education institution’s data analysis capabilities will be improved with data governance to have consistent, high-quality, and timely information that all stakeholders can access and use.


Why Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook provides higher education institutions a framework for data governance that allows for enhanced quality of data, better trust in data and improved use of data thus providing better decision making. 


This framework defines data stewardship as well as providing tools for the data stewards, establishes a data governance knowledge base that is open to all consumers and creators, and provides just-in-time communication processes to support data steward guidance and the data request process.  The Data Cookbook is customizable to fit your institution, used at many higher education institutions, integrates with many of the leading student information systems and works with various reporting solutions.  The Data Cookbook provides an institution with good data management saving them time, energy, money, and frustration.

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