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Data Cookbook for Healthcare Organizations

Effective and safe use of healthcare data requires data governance

Accurate data is critical for a healthcare organization’s success and thus requires data governance. 

There are source data systems with sensitive data such as electronic health records, cost accounting, material management and scheduling that needs high quality and trusted data so that better decision making may occur.   Data governance allows healthcare organizations to deliver the best possible care at the lowest price with the management of data and processes.  The data can be used as consistent, secure, and organized assets that meets policies and standards.  Strong data governance, with the Data Cookbook solution, provides a single place for data governance related content such as business glossary, technical definitions, report specifications, quality rules, policies, etc.   And the Data Cookbook keeps track of how data is created and who has access to this data including keeping track of relationships with third parties.


Why Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook provides healthcare organizations a framework for data governance that allows for enhanced quality of data, better trust in data and improved use of data thus providing better decision making. 


This framework defines data stewardship as well as providing tools for the data stewards, establishes a data governance knowledge base that is open to all consumers and creators, and provides just-in-time communication processes to support data steward guidance and the data request process.  The Data Cookbook is customizable to fit your organization and integrates with most ERP systems and reporting solutions.

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