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Our Staff

Every IData consultant has direct experience working in a variety of industries and in a variety of technology environments.   We strive to combine the highest level of expertise in software development and analysis with first-hand knowledge of the  business processes and culture.

IData Mission For Our Employees

Provide a rewarding workplace for the best people technology and business. IData should always be an innovative and entrepreneurial environment that allows great ideas and people to excel.

Other Offerings

IData's core competence is helping organizations manage the data in their administrative systems. While helping with data governance, data intelligence, reporting, system integrations, implementation, and custom development, IData is called upon to use our expertise in a growing set of systems and technologies. 

Besides the Data Cookbook solution, IData offers integration connectors between leading higher education-related data systems.


Click here for more information on the available connectors.  


Also IData offers technology consulting in the area of data management.  


Click here for more information on the services offered.  

About Us

The Data Cookbook is a product of IData, a leading data management firm for education, corporate, government, non-profit, financial and healthcare organizations.

IData provides consulting services as well as a line of innovative data management software products. Started in 2004, IData is based in Alexandria, Virginia. Our mission is helping organizations realize success through effective data management and innovative technology.

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