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Additonal Options (if purchased separately)

  • Unlimited CDATA JDBC Drivers Package - $7500/Year   see -

  • Custom Reporting Tool or ETL integration - $15,000 (one-time fee)

  • Data Governance Road Map Service  - $16,000 (one-time fee) 

Standard Implementation Service


The 1st year license purchase includes Data Cookbook Implementation Support, it can consist of the following:

  • Project Management support with an IData Implementation Consultant, dedicated to your goals and timeline

  • Project Plan that includes milestone goals, and guidance for managing your core client implementation team

  • Assistance to add content to your Data Cookbook, such as definitions, report descriptions, and customized workflows

  • Guidance to maintain consistent quality with Data Cookbook content across multiple content authors

  • Technical Support to implement and use the Data Cookbook, including advanced features and popular customization

  • Training, which centers on customized workshops and directed tasks that support your goals, supplemented with self-service training capabilities

IData’s Implementation Support is designed to help customer set goals and priorities. We have flexibility in the Project Plan, depending on where the customer needs to focus.

If a customer requests more detailed support, then IData has additional consulting packages available. Just ask!

The typical implementation support occurs over a 6 – 9 month period, and is capped at 140 hours of IData assistance.

*Data Governance Road Map Consulting Package


IData's Data Governance Road Map Consulting Package will help organizations set up a framework to achieve data governance success.  This package will include the following:

  • Discussions to help define organizational goals (high level assessment)

  • Guidance to determine which best practices specifically apply to organization's culture and environment (analysis)

  • Develop a road map to help organization implement the most important priorities (road map strategy)

The Complete Data Governance Consulting Package includes 80 hours of support at $200 per hour.  Any customer may purchase this package for $16,000.

IData will discount this package to $10,000 with the purchase of any Data Cookbook license.

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